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Sunday Worship Services

Spirit filled worship services with a balanced blend of praise & worship, and the preaching of the Word. Trained choir leads the praise & worship. Inspired sermons from the church pastor and visiting pastors. The first service is in Hindi (from 7 - 9 AM during summers and 7. 30 - 9. 30 during winters) and the second in Malayalam (from 9 AM - 12 Noon during summers and 9. 30 AM to 12.30 PM during winters).

Sunday Bible Class

Actually, an integral part of the Sunday Malayalam Worship Service, the Bible Class by the church pastor unravels the mysteries from the Word to the believers helping them to become deep rooted in fundamental doctrines and teachings of the New Testament church. (From 9 AM onwards in the summer and from 9. 30 onwards during the winter)

Sunday School

As in every church, IPC Shalom Janakpuri has also placed a high premium on teaching children the Word of God so that they get a strong foundation for maturing as dynamic Christian believers who can transform the world. (From 9 AM onwards in the summer and from 9. 30 onwards during the winter)


Pentecostal Young People Association (PYPA) is the youth wing of The Indian Pentecostal Church (IPC). PYPA equips the youth to witness Christ in the contemporary world by grooming them as speakers, singers etc. PYPA meetings provide them with a platform to showcase their talents. The environment provided in the meetings is such that it helps to bring to fore the latent abilities in the youth with amazing results. PYPA meeting conducted on every second Sunday after the Malayalam worship service.

Cottage Meetings

Cottage meetings are held on Wednesdays (tentatively) at members' house, turn by turn. These meetings help for the edification of believers through the Word of God and fostering the spirit of fellowship among them. Cottage meetings are conducted separately for Malayalam and Hindi congregations.

Women's Meetings (Sodary Samajam)

Women's meetings are conducted at a members' houses; Sodary Samajam (Sisters' Fellowship) seeks to offer the women of the church a strong, wide base to work alongside men in the growth of the church. The fellowship encourages and supports every woman of the church to lead an empowered life in Christ.

Programmes & Activities
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